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Classic Cars in Lubbock

NEWS FLASH:  Flat 12 Gallery and the Lubbock Auto Auction are presenting Lubbocks first Collector Car Auction here in Lubbock, Texas on Saturday May 17, 2014

Consign your car NOW and register to bid by emailing flat12gallery@att.net

Flat 12 Gallery is featured on CNBC's primetime reality show "The Car Chasers".  

Where we find, fix and flip some of the most unique, historcally significant and one of a kind cars.  We are always searching the country to find the kind of cars that stand out in the crowd.  What you see on the show is what we do!

Flat 12 Gallery is an collector car dealership located on the flatlands of West Texas, where the tumbleweeds blow and the weather changes at the toss of a coin.  WE ARE NO LONGER LOCATED on 34th street!  Yes, we have moved, but we did stay in good ole Lubbock, Texas. Our new location is on the West Side of town, at 5709 40th Street Lubbock, Texas 79407

Tues   10-2

Wed   10-2

Thurs  10-2

Fri       1-6

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If you have a moment check out our site...Although, please give us some slack as it is still under construction!

Under our SWAGPAGE we offer Flat 12 Gallery T-Shirts and Hats.  Also, check out our CARS 4 SALEPAGE for those of you willing to part with a few more dollars.   

Our inventory is moving fast, so if you don't see just the right car feel free to give us as shout.  Often, things move before we have a chance to mention them online.

If you haven't already noticed, we specialize in Movie & TV cars, along with historically significant vehicles or rides that just catch your eye.  


for Flat 12

Flat 12 Gallery is inspired by everything auto related from the 60's, 70's and 80's where everyone would visualize, build, customize and create their own rides; then cruise to the local hang outs and burn some rubber.  

We at Flat 12 believe every car is a work of art and that is why we call Flat 12 a "Gallery".  

By the way, back to the Flat 12 part.... we felt the V8 engine was a common term amongst the masses and that people often forget about the other great motors, so why not celebrate the Flat 12 engine! Found in one of Jeff's all time Favorites the Ferrari Testarossa.

We always have cars for sale, art for sale from pinstripping from local artists, Mooneyes products, Garage Art, Lucky 13 Clothing and usually a few movie props lying around.  Flat 12 Gallery truely is a Car lovers hang out and one stop shop!

So stop by and visit our galley our new hours:

Tues:   10AM-2PM

Wed:   10AM-2PM

Thurs   10AM-2PM
Fri:      1PM-6PM

Flat 12 Gallery 5709 40th Street Lubbock Texas 79407 

806-780-6050      flat12gallery@att.net     Hours: Tues/Wed/Thus 10-2 Fri 1-6

Flat 12 Gallery.com                                                     5709 40th St Lubbock Texas 79407                                                           806-780-6050


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