Jeff Allen is a third generation car guy.  He was bred to love cars...from his first days in the crib he was surrounded by '57 Chevy parts.  By the time he was seven, he was traveling with​ his grandfather and his stacker car hauler, taking cars to Juarez, Mexico to get painted.  His grade school years were spend in his fathers automotive repair shop. By the time he was 13 he had saved enough money to purchase his first car, a 1969 Z28 Camaro.  And from there the rest is history....


Although, if you are still reading this, then you are probably interested to hear a little bit more about his history.  Jeff spent over a decade honing his skills on the retail side of the Automotive business becoming one of the youngest New Automotive Dealership General Managers.  He gained notoriety with his innovative marketing skills and his ability to start new dealerships and turn around "in-the-red" dealerships quickly, while spending his off time racing SCCA races and chasing collectible cars.


Over the years of always buying, restoring and selling classic cars has led him to become a contributor for Kelley Blue Book, on the value of up-and-coming cars.  Jeff has been featured in multiple National Automotive Magazines as a Builder, How-To Expert, Test Driver and Classic Car Market Contributor.  He can be seen on the pages of Muscle Car Review, Vette Magazine, DIY Magazine, Hot Rod Deluxe and Car Kulture Deluxe.


Jeff has specialized in celebrities car collections from the likes of Tim Allen, Charlie Sheen and Brett Ratner.  He has supplied numerous cars for the movie and television industry from Mission Impossible 3, JJ Abrams Star Trek , Crank, The Runaways, Desperate Housewives to Kimberly Cole's music video "Smack You".



"Everyday I set out to find, recondition, repair and refurbish cars.  I'm kinda the stock broker of the car industry;

I look to find the rare and unique, tweek them and repair them,

and make them drivable and sellable any way necessary." -Jeff Allen



Known to many as Hard Candy, Meg competed for many years Nationally in Flat Track Roller Derby with the West Texas Roller Dolls. Not known by many, is that Meg is a horsewoman at heart having raised and bred many World Champion APHA horses. Meg is into true Horsepower and can pick a Champion off of watching them move.


The first car Meg drove was a 1972 Chevrolet El Camino SS which unfortunatly at 16 years old she opted to crash.  Not a great start in the car industry.


Meg spent almost a decade as an Automotive Finance Manager.  Although, in her spare time she spent endless hours working on her photography career, showing up at NASCAR races and photoshoots until one day a photographer didn't show and she was asked to step in.  From there her career blossomed as an automotive photographer and journalist.  Specializing in "How-To" articles, she knows her away around a shop and isn't afraid to jump in and get dirty to get the job done!


You can see her features in Celerity Car, Vette Magazine, Hot Bike Bagger, Muscle Car Review and Hot Bike.  Always a photographer at heart, she is always looking for another creative project, which lead her to being a Television Producer where she lent her hand in producing shows for SPEED, Discovery, and the Military Channel. She also was one of the co-creators and producers for The Car Chasers on CNBC.


At flat 12 she is the glue that holds everything together, keeping track of finances, marketing the cars and searching the internet for new treasures.



Eric Ables is a mad scientist, thats why it doesn't matter what kind of crazy car treasure Jeff drags home, Eric is ready to disect it.  Maybe to disect it a little too much.  Don't tell him a power top motor can't be rebuilt, because he will figure out a way to do it.


But, to explain his brainwaves you need to know his background... Eric worked for many years at an Environmental Lab testing storm water runoff...  It gets kinda technical, but basically he tested for metal and inorganic compounds in water. Hmmmmm geek moment.


If he isn't working on a car, he is gaming, practicing Iaijutsu japanese sword or he is working on his 81 El Camino and 78 Lincoln Continental.