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and the Million Dollar Question... Will it make it home?

Jeff Allen -

Will it make it home?


So you may have noticed the project 76 280ZX that we had up for sale on the website. It was a project car that we hadn't had the chance to get into, thus it was just sitting and collecting dust, so we decided to put it up for sale for someone to complete it, as their vision. We aren't going to kid anyone, this car needs a restoration and was perfect for a “race car theme” build. I’m not saying that a few months from now I wont regret selling it, or come across a restored one with a blown motor that I could have used out of this one…. but as you know, you can regret anything! It probably didn't help that Meg was on my ass for it just sitting.

So this guy from Missouri calls me. We strike a deal. Then the dreaded question of “will it make it home, if I drive it?” comes ringing through the telephone.

It seems like there is no right answer to this question. But lets back up a second…. this isn't a fully restored car, that has been gone through…this is a project car plain and simple. And let me make it clear, we are talking a car that is under the $5k. Okay, but this car had started and ran when we needed to move it around the shop. It was driven to me from Roswell, New Mexico. So it had some road credit… but a 10 hour drive back to Missouri in any classic is risky in my book.

So my answer? “It made it here from New Mexico but I wouldn't recommend driving it all the way to Missouri since you never know what can happen” I then proceeded to tell the guy to baby the clutch and take it easy because I could tell he was determined to make the drive.


Flash forward three weeks, John shows up and drives off into the sunset…..

The next morning we get an email.





So here is a couple of stories.

Remember the Australian guy I met in your shop. After I left your shop, I drove about an hour up the road and got something to eat and top off the tank. When I pulled up for gas, that guy was there and came over to talk to me. Kept talking about the mountains. Anyways, he said that it was so nice to meet you and Meg and that "It was so nice to see such a loving couple that clearly have respect for each other after all these years." Thought I would pass that on to you.

Everyone was looking at the Z on the way home. At one gas station, 3 male gas attendants asked me what kind of car it was that I was driving. When I told them, only 1 had ever heard of it. None of them had ever seen one. (They were in their 30's)

At a gas station in Joplin, a guy asked me to roll down my window. When I did, he complimented the car and asked me to do a burn out. HaHa.

The car did make it home and ran rougher on the warm start-ups. Backfiring and sputtering. Think I blew up the muffler. No worries. It was going to get taken off anyway.

Oh, and on your next trip to Branson: If it is in the Summer or early Fall, get in touch with me. I have a 24' Crownline boat on Table Rock Lake, and would be happy to take you and Meg on an evening spin or something.





Gotta love a happy ending!

-Jeff Allen