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Flat 12 Gallery is a Boutique licensed Texas dealer located in West Texas we offer an array of collector vehicles for sale. We specialize in movie cars, original rides, custom builds, race cars, hot rods, rat rods even European. If your looking for something that is rare, unique, or has a story, you have come to the right spot. Check back often as our inventory is constantly changing.

From Jeff!!!

Jeff Allen -

Jeff Allen - Flat 12 Gallery



This is Jeff!

Welcome to the new Flat 12 blog. It's a little blank on here since we just launched this site two weeks ago but I'm gunna take a stab at it. Meg is typing while I dictate since my attention span doesn't match my typing skills. So let's start this blog off. Season 3 is rocking along and more and more Car Junkies keep finding our car show on CNBC. I have to start out by saying "Thanks" to all our our badass fans wether you have followed this crazy family from Season 1 or just found us by accident scrolling through the channels. We've made it to Season 3 and that is quite an accomplishment. I wanted to take a moment and answer some of the questions that you guys have asked... via text, email or message a little more in depth.

"How real is your show?"
It's funny how reality TV has changed, because that question seems quite an oxymoron. I think it's best answered by the Producers that work on our show who try to plan what is going to happen week to week, to only find out that we can plan auctions or places we want to go, but not what cars we are going to buy or how long a car transformation will take. The immediate response is "this is the most real show I have ever worked on" Amazing concept huh! There are times we have to reshoot things that the camera has missed or shoot multiple angles for TV. If you knew us before the show, I can say nothing is different. SERIOUSLY! Meg argues about money, Eric builds robots, my Father is...well Roundman.

"What network are you on."
It's easiest to remember by saying, the network that runs the stock market all day, CNBC. And the next question is usually "Why?" Well two years ago CNBC wanted to add reality programming at night. We were the first show in their new prime time block and although many new shows have come and gone on CNBC, our fan base keeps growing thus we've stayed on the air. Which again goes back to my initial "Thanks to you". One of the best things about being on CNBC is they like the "real" of it... the deals, the investment, the day to day, our business contacts and dealings. They want to keep it real and so do we! I mean seriously, it doesn't take $100,000 to buy a cool classic car and we all know it.

"Where is the other mechanic?"
That's really a network decision that's between them. Sounds vague I know. I can say if you've ever meshed business and family or business and friends it often has it consequences. So since the show didn't work out for him we no longer talk. Which leads to a great life lesson, true friends are rare and if you find one you are a lucky person.

"Are you guys moving"
Yes, we have already outgrown the current Flat 12 and really need another 5,000 square feet. That way Eric can have a little elbow room while building, we need a swag and garage art section and room for more cars for sale. Like Meg says to me, I am like a fish and grow to the size of my tank". No new location found yet but it is on our radar.
Next time I will talk about cars, cars and more cars! 'till then tune in Wednesday nights.


- Jeff Allen -