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Flat 12 Gallery is a Boutique licensed Texas dealer located in West Texas we offer an array of collector vehicles for sale. We specialize in movie cars, original rides, custom builds, race cars, hot rods, rat rods even European. If your looking for something that is rare, unique, or has a story, you have come to the right spot. Check back often as our inventory is constantly changing.

It's Never a Dull Moment at Flat 12

Meg Bailey -


Jeff Allen and Jay Leno SEMA 2014     

Enjoy The Journey

Two names that I thought I would never hear in the same sentence. Johnny Carson and Jeff Allen. Johnny Carson is best known for the “Tonight Show” and Jeff Allen for “The Car Chasers” and you are probably thinking what on earth do they have in common?


Well, Carson and Allen have a few things in common. First off they both like Deloreans which isn't exactly common since the car company went out of business due to the general public really not accepting the concept of a Stainless Steel sports car with poor performance numbers. In fact Johnny Carson was the major investor in Delorean and Jeff Allen has made it a mission statement to drag Meg out to see everyone that's listed for sale over the last 20 years!


Secondly, they have both been replaced by Jay Leno.... Which isn't a bad way to go out. We had 3 great season on CNBC and now it's Leno's turn. Hey, he's not getting any younger and he could probably use the money more than us anyway!


So “The Car Chasers” on CNBC are saying goodbye to your TV screen for now. You all are the greatest fans out there! We want to thank each and everyone one of you for your support over our 3 Season with CNBC and 40 episodes of buying, fixing and flipping cars. And for those that see us on the Discovery Channel or as “Automanicos” on History Channel, you will still have the reruns.


Skidmarks Show

Now you didn't think we would leave you hanging with absolutely no entertainment from the Flat 12 Crew did you?! While many things are in the works, we want to stay in touch and what better way then with “Skidmarks Show”. We are venturing into “new” media kinda like the way Hulu and Amazon are, only on a smaller scale with “Skidmarks Show”.


If you haven't heard, "Skidmarks Show" is a 30 minute Podcast with videos about Cars and Rock Stars from the builder of the “Fast 7” cars to the new Batmobile from Brett Michaels to Art Alexis from Everclear. Its a touring roadshow with a comical flair that is powered by Pennzoil.


Hosted by Jeff Allen a third generation car connoisseur that eats, drinks and breaths everything Petrol. If it rolls, he wants to drive it… even if he doesn't fit.


Co-Hosted by Ethan Dometrius morning DJ and radio host of “The Rock Show” on FMX and “The Drive Home Show” on KISS FM. He may not know much about cars but he sure wants too.


You can subscribe to Skidmarks Show on iTunes and Soundcloud or get all the videos, pictures and content at

We Are Moving

Yep, you read that right. Flat 12 Gallery is moving to a bigger building in a bigger city. As you all can remember we contemplated California but with their dealer laws, environmental agendas and costs, we opted to stay in Texas. 


We scoured Austin, San Antonio, Houston and Dallas but in the end we landed on Dallas. For many reasons but Dallas has many weekly auctions ($$$), is a main airport hub (Jeff hates layovers and flying for that matter) and Dallas hasn't gotten as inflated as some Texas areas.  Sounds good to us!


So watch out Dallas here we come.....


-Jeff, Meg & Eric


Skidmarks Show on the Road in Sturgis,SD