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Flat 12 Gallery is a Boutique licensed Texas dealer located in West Texas we offer an array of collector vehicles for sale. We specialize in movie cars, original rides, custom builds, race cars, hot rods, rat rods even European. If your looking for something that is rare, unique, or has a story, you have come to the right spot. Check back often as our inventory is constantly changing.

Skidmark's Show Premier!!

Jeff Allen -

Skidmarks Show Premier



TEXAS, July 17, 2015 —Take a breath of fresh air. SkidMarks Show is a celebrity hosted Podcast that is based on cool cars and rock stars all with a vein of comedy. It is a 30 minute audio podcast that takes a light hearted approach with guests from race car drivers, rock and roll legends and celebrities that will be available for upload on iTunes starting July, 30th 2015. Season One of SKIDMARKS SHOW will consist of 12 thirty-minute episodes airing twice a month on iTunes, Soundcloud and




Hosted by Jeff Allen a third generation car connoisseur that eats, drinks and breaths everything Petrol. As seen on 3 Seasons of CNBC’s breakout primetime programming, THE CAR CHASERS. What many don't know, is he is also a champion air guitarist, licensed SCCA race car driver and a comedian. If it rolls, he wants to drive it… even if he doesn't fit.

Co-Hosted by Ethan Dometrius morning DJ and radio host of “The Rock Show” on FMX and “The Drive Home Show” on KISS FM. He may not know much about cars but he sure wants too. “Those seat belts in that Ferrari Testarossa look like something that would be on a Ford Focus.”



Episode Descriptions (All Programming Subject to Change)

Thursday, 07/30/15: Skidmarks Show #001 - “CAR + TRAIN = NO GOOD”

“Skidmarks on the Road” with rock and roll, blues guitarist and songwriter IAN MOORE. An in studio appearance by the elusive and unrecognizable Mexico Racing League. And the question is answered if a 151MPH pass was the slowest at the Colorado Springs Pikes Peak Airstrip Attack.

Thursday 08/06/15: Skidmarks Show #002 - “FAST & FURIOUS 8 SNEAK PEEK”

Jeff and Ethan investigate what the McDonalds Minion is really saying. “Skidmarks on the Road” with Art Alexakis of the alternative rock band EVERCLEAR and his Shelby Cobra. There is a place where you can see over 40 millions dollars of supercars at one time and we meet the man behind the cars of the “Fast and Furious” franchise.

About Flat 12 Gallery:

The crew at Flat 12 Gallery has complied 100’s of hours of national and international television producing; including The Car Chasers (CNBC), Triggers: Weapons that Changed the World (Military Channel), Car Warriors (Speed/Fox1) and My Ride Rules (Speed/Fox1). Flat 12 Gallery has also been the home of 3 Seasons of the CNBC reality television show THE CAR CHASERS.



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