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Flat 12 Gallery is a Boutique licensed Texas dealer located in West Texas we offer an array of collector vehicles for sale. We specialize in movie cars, original rides, custom builds, race cars, hot rods, rat rods even European. If your looking for something that is rare, unique, or has a story, you have come to the right spot. Check back often as our inventory is constantly changing.

Whoop whoop!

Meg Bailey -

Silver State Classic Challengs


Whoop whoop! Jeff Allen and Meg Bailey just competed in the 2015 Silver State Classic and brought back two awards for Flat 12 Gallery. Competing in his 2014 GTR #Pennzilla, Jeff Allen came in 2nd in the Silver State Classic Half Mile Shootout and in the 90 mile Open Road Challenge they brought home 4th in the 105mph class. Not too bad for a bunch of rookies that didn't even cary a stop watch. Growing up as a kid Jeff was enthralled with Big Red and its road racing accomplishments, so it was a great honor to finally be able to compete in this race.