SkidMarks Show is based on cool cars and rock stars all in the vein of comedy, a true light hearted approach with guests from race car drivers, rock and roll legends and celebrities. Join JEFF ALLEN (CNBC’s The Car Chasers) and Ethan Demetrius (FMX Rock SHOW and KISS FM) as they travel the globe laying tracks and screeching across America.

Season One of SKIDMARKS SHOW will consist of 12 thirty-minute episodes airing twice a month on iTunes, Soundcloud and

Listen in as they talk to Vaughn Gittin JR from Formula Drift, Tom Keifer from the rock bank Cinderella, the Band Hollywood Undead and even the man behind the Hot Wheels Double Loop Jump plus watch listeners challenge Eric “The Mad Scientist” to the craziest questions you can think of. Tune in for a good laugh as Jeff and Ethan lay Skidmarks across America.

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Episode 6 - Vaughn Gittin Jr Making Skidmarks

Jeff Allen -

 Skidmarks Show Episode 6


Skidmarks Show Episode 5


A pre-race look at RTR Racing with Ian “The Boss” Steward. Then “Skidmarks on the Road” at Formula Drift in Dallas, Tx getting the scoop on Vaughn Gittin Jr’s Mustang crash that may end his season, we chat with Conrad Grunewald and his Scoggin Dickey Camaro and Jeff Jones who drives the Hankook Nissan S14. No better place for Skidmarks Show then where endless skidmarks are laid. Jeff tackles his childhood dream, the historic Silver State Classic Challenge with his GTR #Pennzilla powered by Pennzoil in the 90 miles race and the 1/2 mile shoot out. SkidMarks Show with Jeff Allen (CNBC’s The Car Chasers) and Ethan D (KISS FM and The Rock Show) about all things Automotive and Rock n Roll. Do you have oil running through your veins? Use Super Unleaded as Cologne? Play Air Guitar in the Shower?…… then you’ve come to the right place. Subscribe now and don't miss an episode. 



Gallery 1 

Jeff Allen isn’t just grinning from ear to ear over the lady’s…. Winning 2nd Place in The Silver State Classic Shootout isn’t too bad in our book.After 90 miles of figuring out why their are so many CPA’s and NASA Engineers on this race….Jeff and Meg pull off 4th with their 2014 GTR PennzillaPennnzilla negotiating through the Narrows.


Gallery 2 


Jeff Allen talking to Vaughn Gittin Jr right after his horrific crash at Dallas Formula DriftConrad Grunewald and his Chevrolet Performance Scoggin Dickey CamaroAs Vaughn says


Gallery 3 

Jeff Allen read to hit take on the Half Mile Shoot Out during the Silver State Classic Challenge 2015Tire CheckPennzilla hits the starting grid


Gallery 4 


If you have never been to ELY, Neveda just think circa 1979 with a few casinos and brothels and of course the famous Jailhouse SteakhouseWhen was the last time you saw one of these… although she didn’t make it passed tech after the shootout.


Gallery 5


The Road trip to Ely Nevada…. lots of desert.Last “Shell up” before the abyss of nothingness….Id say Jeff is read to take on the Silver State Classic